Frisco Flyers

Frisco Flyers is the Special Olympics program in Frisco, Texas

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We currently have three teams! The players are assigned by skill levels. In addition to the area meet at the end of the season, we have games with other Special Olympics teams in the Dallas area. We have also recently started playing exhibition games at various Frisco High Schools at half time. These have been a great hit with the crowds!

Season: December - February
Area Meets: Late February

Flag Football

The Frisco team participates in team competition as well as individual skills.

Practice: September - November
Area Meets: November

Track and Field

This is a great opportunity for individual competition and success and there is an event for every ability level. Events include the softball throw, the 50-yard dash, 100-yard dash, among others that are available. We practice at local schools and attend area competetions. The area meets are a lot of fun.

Practice: March - May
Area Meets: May


Athletes do not have to know how to swim to compete. There are flotation races as well as actual swimming races. Practices are divided into those able to swim and those still learning.

Practice: June - August
Area Meets: July & August


Yes, we even have golf! Practice is on Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm at Westridge Golf Course in Mckinney. Six practice sessions are required to attend the Area Competition which is required for the State Competition.

Practice: July - September
Area Competition: September
State Competition: October


Come join us for bowling, one of our most popular sports. All skill levels are welcome. We practice one evening a week at Strikes and it makes for a great and fun hour. Bowling ramps and other assistance devices are allowed, but not bumpers, so it can be challenging. We compete in one area competition followed by optional travel to compete at the state level in Austin!

Practice: September - October
State Meet: November


All skill levels are welcome.

Practice: March - April
Area Competition: May


Our newest sport!

Practice: September - December
Area Competition: November


This Italian game is a great sport and getting more and more popular! Athletes 8+ years old of all skill levels are welcome. We practice at an outdoor field and indoors at Main Event. We sometimes participate in local scrimmages, then one area competition, followed by optional travel to compete at statewide Fall Classic in College Station!

Practice: July - September
Area Meet: September
State Meet: September
We currently have more volunteers than was can use. Please check back and thank you for your desire to help! We currently have more volunteers than was can use. Please check back and thank you for your desire to help!

Volunteers are the lifeline of the Frisco Flyers and the entire Special Olympics Texas program. These volunteers serve as coaches, training assistance, fundraiser coordinators and helpers, and much more. Whether they participate for one day or for several years, volunteers make a difference in the lives of Special Olympics Texas athletes and in their communities.

Class A Volunteers

Do you need to attend either of the online training sessions - General Orientation and Protective Behavior? Simply click on the link below to access the SOTX Class A Volunteer resources. Frisco Flyers is in Area 10.

Volunteer Opportunities


This is where we currently need the most help. We are looking for individuals to help our athletes by becoming coaches and training assistants. A coach must become certified with Special Olympics Texas through the coaches' certification program. The certification requires that you:

  • Attend a Special Olympics Texas general session and approved eight-hour sports specific clinic conducted by a certified area training director/manager.
  • Complete 10 hours of practicum with a Special Olympics Texas athlete or team.
  • Submit the certification/practicum form to the area office or training director/manager for approval.
  • Maintain certification by attending the annual area conference and remaining active in the sport.

Training assistants do not require a certification. A training assistant would be assigned to an athlete for a specific sport. You would be required to attend all practices to help train the athlete and help on the day of the competition. Our practices run once a week for 8-10 weeks with one day of competition. There is no age limit for training assistants. High school students are welcome and can earn credits for school for their community service.


Since we are a non-profit organization, fundraising is our only means of income right now. We would need volunteers to help coordinate scheduled events and volunteers to help on the day of the events.


We plan on having outings and fun activities planned for the athletes and their families. This would include, a picnic/awards party in May; field day event at a local church in June; night out at a baseball game; etc. We would need volunteers to help coordinate and volunteers to help on the day of these events. Our athletes also compete in area competition and volunteers are also needed to support those events. If you are looking for a one time volunteer opportunity at an Area 10 competition or event, please contact Alex Hubbard at 214-943-9981 or go here.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer, you are expected to...

Fulfill the responsibility of your assignment:

  • Carry out all aspects of your assignment.
  • Attend all required meetings.
  • Notify the volunteer coordinator if you cannot complete an assignment.

Set an example for the athletes:

  • Refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol or using profanity when acting as a volunteer.
  • Be discreet in your personal relationships with the athlete and avoid any behavior which may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship:

  • Support the decisions of referees, judges and committees, and use proper dissent processes.
  • Be respectful during ceremonies and help your athletes be the same.
  • Praise the athletes for their efforts and encourage them to be happy for the success of other athletes.

Be continually vigilant and cognizant of the safety of the athletes:

  • Never leave an athlete unattended.
  • Report anything you observe, either in the physical environment or an individuals behavior, which you fell may cause potential harm.

Be loyal to your commitment and to Special Olympics Texas:

  • Look for constructive ways to overcome obstacles.

Take advantage of the opportunities Special Olympics Texas offers you:

  • Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • Become an active participant by extending your involvement to other roles of leadership and training.
  • Delight in the change that your involvement makes in the life of someone you know and in the lives of those you never meet.

Volunteer Handbook

Get more information you need about being a volunteer in our Volunteer Handbook. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Dee Hall at

You may also click here for more information and the Registration Forms (Frisco Flyers is in Area 10) and mail them to:

Dee Hall
2228 Benjamin Creek Dr.
Little Elm, Texas 75068

Parents, please use this form to register your athlete to participate on the Frisco Flyers team!

Pick your sport(s):

Age Requirements

Age 6
- Start Training
Age 8
- Participate in Area Events
Age 8 and above
- Participate in Area Competitions
Age 12 and above
- Particpate in State Competitions